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rods awesome place

lots of pr0n and hot lesbians and chicks and cool cartoons

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I like hott chix and lesbians. Het is teh evol cuz it gets my women with stupid assholes with small penises. Yaoi sux too cause these too many dicks and I hate all dicks except mine. VAGINAS 4EVA HOR!!!!

i also haet fics where ppl make it look liek theres gonna be sex and it fades to black. death fics also suck cause drama and angst get in teh way of teh sex!!!!!


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4chan, all caps, ami, android babes, angela's a prude, anime, annoying hannah, asuka, azumanga daioh, bashing lucy's bishies, bashing male characters, bath scenes, baywatch, beavis and butt-head, being a jackass, being a neckbeard, being a pervert, being annoying, being mean to lucy, bikinis, bishounen suck, bleach, boobies, brock sucks, cameltoe, canon boy sucks, cardcaptor sakura, catgirls, chicks in leather, chiyo-chan, clopfic, crappy icons, dates with rosie palms, eirika, eliwood sucks, ephraim sucks, eva, evening at lita's, excel saga, fanservice, fap fap fap, fapping, farting on people, fighting with sue, fire emblem, flashing prudes, florina, gary stu, gordy's a faggy loser, gundam wing, hector sucks, heero sucks, hitting on sailor bimbo, hot chicks, hotaru, i hate lucy, i'm awesome, ichigo sucks, juri, katara, kiyone, lemons, lesbians, levin sucks, lingerie catalogs, lolibait, lucy sucks, lyn, making angela scream, making esmeralda explode, making josie scream, making lucy cry, making zach mad, makoto, mamoru sucks, maxie is evil, miaka, mikuru, mila's a prude, milos is a cool bro, missy sucks, missy's vagina stinks, misty, mittens sucks, moeblobs, my dick, my farts rule, my penis is awesome, my sis fucks michelle, naked chicks, noir, orihime, panty shots, patrick is a fag, peeing in beds, perving on molly, perving on nancy, perving on trisha, playboy, pokemon, ponychan, porn, relena, rukia, ryoko, sailor bimbo, sailormoon, scaring lucy with frogs, seth sucks, sex, shinji sucks, shower scenes, slayers, socks, soi, south park, spooge, spying on chicks in the shower, stealing panties, sticky keyboards, swimsuit issues, sylvia, syrius is a fag, t&a, tamahome sucks, threesomes, tissues and vaseline, tribadism, tuxedo wank man sucks, ty lee, typos, usagi, usagi's usual morning, utena, vaginas, video games, wanking, xena, yaoi sucks, you suck, yui, yuri, zach's a loser, zuko sucks
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